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How Long does A Pair of Glasses Really Last?

How Long does A Pair of Glasses Really Last?

When it comes to eyeglasses, many people have no idea how long they last. Some people change them once every year or two, some people change them once every many years, and some people don't even think about replacing their glasses as long as they're not broken. So, how long is it reasonable to replace your glasses? Will glasses that have been used for a long time affect your vision?

Why do I Need to Change My Glasses?

Many people think that eyeglasses are not food and drugs, so there is no expiration date. In fact, compared to other items, eyeglasses are a wearable item. First of all, the glasses get along with us every day, and the frames are prone to loosen or deform after using them for a long time. Secondly, the lenses are prone to yellowing, scratches, cracks and other wear and tear. Finally, as the diopters of myopia grows, the old glasses cannot properly correct the current vision.

The ensuing effects are numerous. Eyewear frame deformation, which can affect wearing comfort. Worn lenses make you difficult to see clearly due to light dispersion, causing vision loss. If the vision is not corrected properly, especially for teenagers in the developmental stage, wearing blurred glasses for a long time will accelerate the development of myopia because the retina at the base of the eye will not receive the stimulation of clear images.


When is It Time to Change Glasses?

1. Yellowing of the lenses

The yellowing of the lenses means that the lenses have aged and the parameters of the lenses have probably changed, so you need to replace the lenses as soon as possible.


2. The film layer of the lens is peeling off

If the lens layer is peeling off, it cannot be repaired, and if the location of the peeling off has affected the normal vision and its comfort, it is recommended to replace it immediately.

3. Peeling of the frame lacquer

If the frame lacquer layer is peeling off, it will affect the beauty, and secondly, if it is made of alloy copper, it will rust and become green, and the copper green is toxic and will corrode the skin. Please consider whether you need to replace it.

4. Frame deformation

If your eyewear frame is seriously deformed and cannot be recovered, it is recommended to replace it immediately. In addition, if you want to replace the frame, be sure to replace the lenses at the same time, otherwise the optical center of the lens changes, it is easy to cause discomfort.

5. Mismatch of glasses

Wearing glasses for a longer period of time or irregular daily routine can lead to changes in myopia. If you still feel that your glasses are not clear enough, it is recommended that you change your glasses or consider replacing the lenses alone.

How often do I Need to Change My Glasses?

1. Children and adolescents: please review your eyes every six months and change glasses according to the change in prescription

Teenagers and children are in the growth and development period, with a heavy daily academic burden and a high demand for close eye use, their diopters of myopia are prone to increase. Therefore, children under 18 years old should have an optometric examination every six months. If there is a large change in the prescription or if the glasses are badly worn, they should be replaced in time.

2. Adults: please have annual checkups and replace glasses according to personal needs

Generally speaking, the diopters of myopia are relatively stable for adults, but it does not mean that it will not change. It is recommended that adults have at least one optometric examination every year to check their eye health and vision as well as the wear and tear of their glasses, and evaluate whether they need to replace their eyeglasses by taking into account their daily eye environment and habits.

What are the Consequences of not Changing Glasses for A Long Time?

When glasses are used for a long time, the frames become deformed and loose, compressing the bridge of the nose. In addition, the lenses of your glasses will yellow and show many scratches, making it more difficult for you to see clearly.

If you don't replace your glasses in time, you will not only feel uncomfortable, producing visual fatigue, dry eyes and astringent eyes, which affect the effect of vision, but will also directly affect your vision health and accelerate the development of myopia. Children and adolescents, in particular, must have their vision checked regularly, otherwise it will affect the normal development of vision.

How to Extend the Use Period of Glasses?

1. Please use both hands to take off and put on your glasses, and place them on the table with the convex side of the lenses up.

2. Please check the screws on the frames of your glasses frequently to see if they are loose or if the frames are deformed, and adjust them promptly if problems arise.

3. Please don't dry wipe the lenses with glasses cloth, we suggest to use special detergent for glasses or neutral detergent to clean them.