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How Many Advantages do Titanium Eyeglasses Have?

While selecting eyeglasses, we may pay much attention to the lens color, frame shape, or frame styles, but we may easily neglect frame materials. Titanium is one of the latest materials used in eyeglass frames.

frame meterials of eyeglasses

As a matter of fact, frame materials of eyeglasses have been changing for a long, which ranges from metal, plastic, to titanium. In a way, the emergence of titanium has led to a revolution in the industry. As traditional materials, plastic and metal are still widely in use but one disadvantage is that frames of such materials may deform easily and cannot be used for too long. As to titanium, relatively speaking, its most prominent feature is bendable, which means that titanium frames can be bent and twisted. As to the plastic and metal, wearers have to be very cautious in handling the frames, or they may become loose or go out of shape. Another feature of titanium is that it is much lighter than other materials and therefore, brings a lot of comfort and convenience to wearers. For example, while playing basketball, it is unnecessary to take off the eye glasses as unlike heavy frames which may drop off easily and so entail extra attention, titanium frames are very light and wearers can devote themselves to basketball games.

Thus, durability, safety, and comfort are the main features of titanium frames. In addition, another dominant feature of titanium is that it needs little maintenance as an erosion-proof material. So there is no need to worry about the impact of sweat on the appearance of the frames. This is a big difference from other materials, like metal frames which should be kept from salt, or water.

With so much to be considered in eyeglasses selection, frame material is one of those factors. Based on your own consideration, you can have a comparison and decide which one to choose.

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