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How to Choose Sunglasses for Summer?

How to Choose Sunglasses for Summer?

The popular models of summer sunglasses change every year. Extra-large, colorful, and diamond-encrusted rims may enable you to catch others' eyes. But do you choose your sunglasses scientifically?

How to Choose Sunglasses in Summer?

1. Sunglasses are able to block ultraviolet rays

It is important for Sunglasses to prevent UV damage to the eyes, that is, to be able to provide a full range of protection against UVA/UVB, as well as ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 400 nanometers or less. There is usually a small sticker on the frame that says [UV400].

You don't have to spend a fortune on a pair of high end glasses, there is no correlation between price and protection. Qualified sunglasses are able to protect against 100% of UV rays.


2. Polarized sunglasses do not necessarily protect against UV rays

If you go to the beach or do more water sports, or feel that the reflection of the hood of the car is too dazzling, you can consider choosing polarized lenses. Polarized lenses can effectively reduce the glare formed by diffuse reflection. But it can make it difficult to see screens such as cell phones, GPS, and the LCD screen on your dashboard. Polarized lenses are comfortable to wear.


3. Sheet color protection effect has nothing to do

Color and UV protection is not necessarily linked between for sunglasses. After all, the protective effect of dark-colored lenses may not be better than light-colored ones. In fact, the layer of protective coat on the lens play a role in UV protection, whether the lens is pink, blue or green, does not affect its function.

In fact, darker lenses without UV protection can be worse than lighter lenses with UV protection because the darker lenses make the pupil larger, which makes the cornea more susceptible to UV burns.

Gray, green, and coffee-colored sunglasses are more recommended if you are driving a car. Yellow and red lenses can be a hindrance to recognizing traffic lights.

4. Size

Lastly, from a medical point of view, the bigger the frame, the better the protection. Large framed or oversized sunglasses are like a mask that goes all the way around the back of the ear, with wide frames or large lenses for greater protection. Of course, design space of this kind of sunglasses is also large, the frame side can be decorated with rhinestones, glitter glasses can definitely make you become the focus in the crowd.


Why don't You Choose Sunglasses with Poor Quality?

Poor quality glasses can cause eye damage. In order to see, the eye leaves a transparent channel for various visible and invisible rays, including ultraviolet rays. The pupil is a small hole surrounded by a circle of iris. When the surrounding light is strong, the muscles in the iris responsible for shrinking the pupil will immediately work hard to shrink [the aperture], and less light enters the lens and retina.

Conversely, when it's dark, widening [the aperture] allows more light to enter the eye. Wearing a pair of sunglasses with poor quality that are darker but do not effectively block UV rays is tantamount to tricking our pupils into thinking that they are in a dark environment, letting their guard down and leaving it open. It is unknown to us that the UV rays, which are invisible to the naked eye, have also entered. Therefore, price is not the only criterion to consider the quality of sunglasses. Only if it can block UV rays can it be called a pair of qualified sunglasses.

What are the Benefits of Sunglasses in Summer?

1.Sunglasses can avoid injury to the retina

There are more ultraviolet rays in the sun's rays, and too many ultraviolet rays will directly harm the retina and cornea, but sunglasses can well resist the ultraviolet rays, so as to avoid injury to the retina.

2.Sunglasses can have good decorative effect

In fact, sunglasses can play a great role in the daily wear. The role of sunglasses in modeling should not be ignored, because the right accessories can be your clothes to draw the dragon, so that your whole body modeling has a more beautiful sense of view.