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How to Choose the Suitable Glasses for Men?

How to Choose the Suitable Glasses for Men?

There are less external decorations for men, but frame glasses are a very important one. One pair of suitable glasses can add a lot of fashion points to men’s outfit, and can also better modify some defects in his features.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Glasses

1. Face shape

The face shape of men is mostly square, round and oval, so it is advisable for you to choose the glasses frames suitable for you according to your face shape. For example, square faces are suitable for round eyeglasses and oval eyewear frames, while round faces are suitable for square eyeglasses and rectangular eyewear frames

2. Occupational identity

If you need to wear glasses in the workplace, you should choose a professional and simple style. If you are a student or a young person, you can choose a more fashionable and trendy style.

3. Dressing style

Glasses should match your clothing style to create a better overall look. For example, if you often wear formal clothes, you can choose a classic metal frame eyeglasses; if you like casual style, you can choose a fashionable plastic frame eyeglasses.

1) Literary and quiet

Wearing glasses style: round frame eyeglasses

Features: clean, literary, can choose round, prismatic style

2) Warm and cheerful

Wearing glasses style: square frame eyeglasses

Features: warm, sunny, cheerful

3) Cool and fashionable

Wearing glasses style: round frame eyewear

Features: cool, trendy


4)Casual and simple

Wearing glasses style: oval frame eyewear

Features: fashion, distinctive

4. Color

The color of the eyeglass frame should match your skin tone and hair color. Generally speaking, people with lighter skin tones are suitable for darker eyeglass frames, and people with darker skin tones are suitable for lighter or transparent eyeglass frames. Of course, you can also pick the color you like according to your personal preference.

5. The use of eyeglasses

If you need to wear eyeglasses for outdoor activities or sports, you can choose a sports glasses with UV protection. If you need to contact with electronic products such as computers or cell phones for a long time, then you can consider the blue light blocking glasses, which can be a good helper to block the blue light emitted by electronic products so as to protect your eyes. If you wear them daily for no other needs, then one pair of single vision glasses  with good quality can meet your needs.


Eyeglasses Suitable for Men

1. Sports glasses

Compared with women, Men generally like sports more, such as playing basketball, soccer, running and so on. So, in this case, ordinary glasses are no longer able to meet their needs when having outdoor activities. Sports glasses can protect men's eyes when they participate in outdoor activities, and will not influence their process of sports.

2. Professional eyewear

This collection of eyeglasses has different brands of frames and eyeglass lenses for men and women looking for a sophisticated and professional look and the best vision to add style and vintage flair. From thick to thin eyeglass frames, the professional eyeglass frames collection is a perfect match. Professional eyeglass frames are very popular among office workers.

Professional eyeglasses will make men look more professional and attractive. Besides, professional eyeglasses will fit most men's outfits and can add to your fashion.


3. Transitions glasses

Transitions lenses are available. They are high quality as well as affordable and inexpensive transition glasses that are available in gray, brown. These lenses are completely clear indoors and are more responsive to sunlight, so they darken when you need them. This type of eyeglasses can better meet the needs of men for glasses and facilitate their daily lives.

FAQs about Men Eyeglasses

Can men choose some bold styles of glasses?

Of course you can. If your style is bold or you like special eyeglasses, you can choose bold eyeglasses. Please be confident and choose what you like!

What are the benefits of wearing glasses for men?

Eyeglasses can magnify the effect of your eyes and cover up the defect of your small eyes. In addition, glasses can give a visual difference, the nose will also appear more high, and the features will be more coordinated.