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What Should I Do about Dry Eyes?

What Should I Do about Dry Eyes?

Dry eyes are supposed to be a common and prone condition for people over 65 years old. However, nowadays, many students and office workers also suffer from dry eyes. The trend of dry eyes is becoming younger and more professional. With the widespread use of computers and cell phones, the popularity of air conditioning and contact lenses, as well as poor lifestyle habits, dry eyes are becoming common for young people!


How is Dry Eyes Caused?

1. Excessive tears

Tears are a burden to the eyes, and some people cry for months when they are sad. Excessive tears will not only make the eyes swollen, but also lead to water loss, causing dry and sore eyes.

2.Lack of vitamin A

Lack of vitamin A in the body will also make the eyes feel dry and fatigue. In severe cases, the white surface of the eye is dry and wrinkled, and even leads to night blindness.

3. Bacterial infection

Once a foreign matter enters the eye, it is easy to be infected by bacteria, and the symptoms of dry eyes appear. Usually if you are used to rubbing your eyes with your hands or if you don't remove your eye makeup, it is possible for bacteria to enter your eyes, which will also cause dry eyes.

4. Lack of blinks

We are always used to staring at the computer, TV, cell phone and other screens for a long time. Once the number of blinks is not enough, it will make the surface of the eye exposed for a long time as well as too much tear evaporation. It is easy to have dry eyes.

5.Excessive eye use

A person spends a long time reading books, watching TV, surfing the Internet and so on. When eyes are in overload, it is easy to cause vision fatigue, resulting in dry eyes. If you read books and surf the Internet too close to books and screens, all may lead to dry eyes. Besides, it is essential to know some tips about eye protection.

6.Wearing contact lenses for a long time

Contact lenses are supposed to be an external substance and should not be worn for a long time. Wearing contact lenses for a long time is easy to produce visual fatigue, which can lead to dry eyes, itchy and so on. If you need to use eyes for a long time, it is advisable for you to choose frame glasses.

Seven Tips to Relieve Dry Eyes

Tip 1: Massage and hot compress

First of all, it is advisable to have hot compress in the eye with a hot towel for about ten minutes, which can promote blood circulation around the eyes and relieve dry eyes. Eye exercises are also the most basic and equally effective. It is worth noting that: remember to relax with your eyes, in addition to massage your eyes with your hands, you can also look into the distance. 

Tip 2: Use eyedrops

It depends on two points, one is the composition of the eyedrops, the other is the frequency of eyedrops. Some eye drops are not suitable for healthy eyes, because they are designed for people who have eye diseases. Using eyedrops frequently on the eyes is also bad for our eyes.


Tip 3: Drink tea

Tea is rich in carotenoids, which can be converted into vitamin A in the body. And vitamin A is the composition of the visual cells within the light-sensitive substances, which can be to a certain extent to relieve the symptoms of dry eyes, astringent eyes. Tea has the effect of brightening the eyes and nourishing the soul, some also have the role of anti-radiation.

Tip 4: Keep the distance

Eyes should be at least 60cm away from the computer screen, the line of sight is best to keep down about 30 degrees, which can make the surface of the eye exposed to the air to minimize the area, slowing the evaporation of tears.

Tip 5: Eat healthy food

Vitamin A is known to be an important component in maintaining good vision. Foods rich in vitamin A are mainly various animal livers, cod liver oil, eggs and milk, as well as carrots, spinach, rape, capers, broccoli and so on. Eating more vitamin A-rich food is a good supplement to vitamin A in order to prevent dry eyes.

Tip 6: Remind yourself to blink

Blinking is a very important protective action for the human body. Its purpose is to keep the eyes moist by allowing tears to form an even film of water on the cornea and conjunctiva. So there is a scientific basis for blinking regularly to prevent dry eyes.

Tip 7: Choose blue light blocking glasses

Blue light blocking glasses play a certain role. Blue light can easily cause eye fatigue, and prolonged exposure can also lead to vision loss in patients. Blue light blocking glasses can block blue light which may do damage to the eyes, thus playing a role in protecting vision as well as anti-fatigue.