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How to Keep Glasses from Fogging with Mask?

wear glasses with mask


Glasses and face masks hardly go hand in hand. If you’re a regular glasses-wearing person, you would have also struggled when masks became a necessity at the start of 2020. When you wear a mask while going out, everything gets blurry because of fog build-up on the glass lens. Now you can’t stop breathing, so there should be knowledge of remedies for stop glasses fogging. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. In this article, we’ll tell you how to prevent glasses from fogging with mask on and the things you’re supposed to avoid that.

Why is There Fog Build-Up in the First Place?

When we are trying to fix a particular problem, the first thing we should know is why it is happening after all. Fog builds up on the glasses while wearing a mask because of the water vapors found in your breath. As you breathe, your exhaled air is warmer and closer to the body temperature, and your glasses are colder, more like the surrounding temperature. While wearing a mask, there is no escape pathway for the exhaled air, so it is forced upwards, and when it comes into contact with the cold lens of your glasses-voila! There is condensation on your lens.

How to Avoid Fogging Glasses with Mask?

Fogging up can be super annoying, so here are some ways you could try to mitigate the problem. You may find a perfect solution for yourself to stop glasses from fogging with mask!


woman wear glasses with mask


Try repositioning your glasses.

As obvious as it seems, you should try to adjust your glasses so they are farther from your eyes. The higher they are, the greater the chances of lenses fogging up. So, in order to stop mask from fogging glasses, you’d better reposition them so they sit lower on your nose bridge.

Adjust your mask

The second thing that not fog glasses with mask is to pull your mask closer to your eyes so that the exhaled air does not get into contact with the lenses, so fogging can be avoided. 


Seal your mask

You can try to push your mask down tightly on the nose bridge and cheeks, making a tight seal to prevent the air from going upwards. You can also loosen it from the bottom of your chin so air can escape from this orifice, which will not fog up glasses with mask.

Glasses with adjustable nose pads

You can try buying glasses with adjustable nose pads so that you can reposition them according to your needs without making them fall off every time you duck down. You can find glasses with adjustable nose pads on glassesshop.

Try a fog-free lens spray.

There are plenty of anti-fog sprays available in the market; they’re super cool and keep your lenses fog-free. As an additional advantage, they also prevent your glasses from getting smudged whenever you touch them.

Wash your glasses with a mild soap

When you shower with warm water, a mist builds up on your bathroom mirror. It would be best if you rubbed your soap on it, and it will remain mist-free. Similarly, you can apply this technique with your glasses; try to use a mild soap and wash your glasses with it, and the soap will create a film on your glasses, prevent glasses from fogging up when wearing a mask.

Use alternatives

You must be tired of battling against fog daily; if so, you could try using contact lenses instead of glasses. They can be aesthetically more pleasing and way too handy- especially amidst a pandemic when masks are mandatory indoors and outdoors.

If you find the above solutions don’t work, then the best thing you can do is to buy yourself a pair of quality spectacles that are stylish, practical and will last a long time. For that, we recommend trying out glassesshop. The Super Hydrophobic Coating of their lens is well anti-fog.

What Should You Not Do in This Battle Against Fog?

Now that you know how to prevent foggy glasses with mask, let’s shed some light on what to avoid so we don’t go too far and end up damaging our glasses.
1.    Vinegar

There are many TikTok videos on home remedies to prevent your glasses from getting blurry by using vinegar. However, you should not do this at all, as vinegar is dilute acetic acid, and it can damage the protective coatings on your glasses.

2.    Toothpaste

Toothpaste is handy when cleaning car headlights or an old pair of sneakers, but not for your glasses. Do not use toothpaste as an anti-fog agent, as it can be abrasive for your lenses.

3.    Hand-sanitizer

We carry hand sanitizer in our bags, and sometimes we use it to clean our phones, screens, or even tables! Some healthcare professionals use sanitizers for cleaning safety goggles, but you should not use them on prescription glasses. Sanitizers carry high amounts of alcohol which can be damaging to your glasses.

4.    Shampoo

Whether it is a baby shampoo or an anti-dandruff shampoo, you should not apply it to your glasses. The shampoo has surfactants and may leave a film on your lenses, damaging them and making them harder to see.


Wearing glasses and masks together can be annoying. However, you can try these remedies to stop glasses from fogging up with mask while focusing on the more essential things in life. Try to follow our dos and don’ts guide and try to keep your glasses safe from fogging and yourself from endemic viruses throughout the year.

FAQ about How to Keep Glasses from Fogging with Mask

1.    Why do my glasses fog up when the temperature changes?

This happens because water vapor, which is found in both sweat and your breath, collects on your lenses. When you slip into a warm environment, that vapor will change its phase of matter, turning into a gas form that will leave you with foggy glasses.

2.    Will rubbing alcohol on my glasses keep them from being foggy?

Alcohol is a common ingredient in many home cleaning products, but it should never be used to clean eyeglasses. This harsh chemical could damage your lenses and coatings.