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Parents should Focus on:Children's Eyes

Parents should Focus on:Children's Eyes

As myopia worsens in children, more and more children need to wear eyeglasses. However, how to choose suitable eyeglasses for children has become the focus of parents' attention.

Misconceptions about Children's Myopia

1. Kids are too young to wear glasses

As long as the need for eyes, no matter the age of the child, it is recommended to wear kids glasses in time.

Glasses may not correct the eyesight of kids quickly, but a child's myopia may develop faster without glasses. Especially for young children who tend to have myopia, there is a risk of developing high myopia, so a pair of suitable eyeglasses is very important.

2. Children with Low myopia don’t need to wear glasses

In order to prevent children from having blurred vision, it is recommended to wear glasses when necessary.

For example, children suffer from 100 diopters of myopia, go to school sitting in the back of the classroom and can not see the blackboard without glasses. So they are easy to squint, tilt the head to see things, these bad habits easily lead to further growth of myopia diopters.

Sometimes parents don't let their children wear glasses because they think that low myopia will recover automatically or glasses don't look good on their children. This is wrong! It is necessary for children to wear kids glasses if they cannot see clearly.

3. Wearing glasses will make kids’ eyes worse

Wearing the right glasses generally does not aggravate myopia.

If the optometry is not correct and the prescription of glasses does not correspond to the actual condition of myopia, it is not the right glasses to your kids and may have a negative effect on the eyes. So it is essential to know how to read your prescription.

4. Children wearing glasses will easily deform their eyes

Wearing glasses is not the real cause of eye deformation.

Many people say that the eyeballs become more convex after wearing glasses. In fact, wearing glasses won't deform your eyes. It's possible that the bulge is caused by overdevelopment of the eyeball, which lengthens forward, so it bulges out. In addition, glasses can reduce the size of the eye visually. The size of eyes may look different with glasses on and off, but this is not because wearing glasses changes the shape of the eyeball.

How to Choose the Right Kids Glasses for Children?

1. Choose the right eyewear frame

The eyewear frame should fit the child's facial outline and head size. In general, the frame should be snug against the child's face, but not too tight. If the frame is too tight, it may put pressure on the child's scalp and ears, while if it is too loose, it will easily slip off.


2. Choose the right eyewear lens

Lenses should be of high quality, resistant to abrasion and scratch, rather than some cheap lenses. In addition, lenses suitable for children's myopia should be selected to avoid too high or too low diopters, so as not to cause pressure on children's eyes.

3. Choose lenses with the right color and UV protection

Lenses with UV protection such as transitions and polarized lenses should be selected to protect children's eyes from UV damage. The color should also be suitable for the child's age and gender, so that the child can enjoy wearing glasses more.


4. Choose stable eyeglasses

Stability is a very important factor when choosing eyeglasses. If the glasses are stable, the center of the lens can be accurately aligned with the pupil of the child, which is crucial for the child's visual health.

How to Effectively Control Myopia in Children?

1. Insist on more than 1 hour of effective outdoor activities every day 

For example, when doing activities such as flying kites or playing football, the eyes follow the moving object, which can relax the eyes to a certain extent and increase the regulation of the eyes. In addition, outdoor activities in the sunlight on the body to produce dopamine, can also effectively prevent the occurrence of myopia.

2. Cut down on use of electronic products

Most children become short-sighted when they are very young, and the situation of children's myopia is much more serious than in the past few years, mainly due to the rapid development of the Internet and the frequency of children's exposure to electronic products has greatly increased. And the child is young, the eyes are developing, it is easy to be hurt. In addition, many children do not know how to control the distance of seeing things, so they develop bad eye habits, which leads to myopia.