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Fashion items for Middle-aged and Elderly : Reading Glasses

Fashion items for Middle-aged and Elderly : Reading Glasses

Presbyopia is a normal physiological phenomenon of the human body, which is the beginning of aging signal. With the growth of age, all organs of the human body begin to age, eyes are no exception. Many elderly people do not pay attention to it and refuse to correct their eyesight by wearing reading glasses, which leads to more burden on the eyes.

How do You Know if You need Reading Glasses?

1. When your eyes are easy to fatigue and even appear itching eyes, tears and other phenomena, which make you hard to read articles easily, you are likely to need a pair of reading glasses.

2. Suddenly, when you look close or look far, you find your eyes blurred.

3. Gradually, you are used to reading with brighter lighting, especially at night. Meanwhile, It is difficult for you to see within a short distance, unconsciously you take the books and newspapers to further distance to read.

If you have two of these symptoms, you need to pay attention. You do not need to be worried about presbyopia, as long as you wear reading glasses correctly.

How to Wear Reading Glasses Correctly?

1. Reading glasses should not be taken off and put on frequently

Some middle-aged and elderly people have the wrong idea of wearing reading glasses, that if wearing glasses all day long, your eyes will be even worse. And they also think that a pair of high precision reading glasses is not necessary, so a pair of reading glasses is even shared with others. If reading glasses are taken off and put on frequently, it is easy to cause eye fatigue. If your eyes are presbyopia, you should have a professional optometry and choose the right reading glasses for you.

In addition, if you're also nearsighted, you can opt for progressive lenses that allow you to see at both a far and close distance with just one pair of glasses, avoiding the trouble of constantly removing and putting on reading glasses. Progressive lenses are a good choice, because they are digitally processed with high precision, so that the wearer can see clearly from far, medium and close distances. Whether it is far or near, a pair of glasses can be used to see things.


2. Wash and disinfect reading glasses regularly

Due to regular wearing, the surface of the lens will often be covered with a layer of dust, which will reduce the clarity of seeing things. It is advisable for you to wash your eyeglasses so as to ensure clarity and comfort.

3. Pay attention to the maintenance of the eyewear frame

The eyewear frame plays an important role in the comfort of wearing reading glasses. The optometrist will adjust your glasses according to the features of the eyeglasses to make sure you wear comfortable reading glasses. When wearing eyeglasses, eyeglasses should be taken off by both hands. If screws are off, they should be installed in time, and the eyewear frame should be replaced in time if damaged. Wearing an uncomfortable frame can affect visual clarity.

What should You Pay Attention to When Choosing Frames and Lenses?

If you like to use mobile phone, computer and other electronic products, it is better to use blue light blocking lenses, it can be very good to protect your eyes. There's no need to opt for blue-blocking lenses if you only use them to read the newspaper occasionally. Lenses are usually spherical and aspheric, and now the mainstream is non-spherical, because the field of vision is wider. It is best to choose a light frame, because if you have not worn glasses before, you will not adapt to wearing very heavy glasses. It is recommended that you choose titanium glasses or TR90 glasses, because they are corrosion resistant, and are lightweight and comfortable to wear.


Can You Wear Reading Glasses All the Time?

It is recommended not to take ordinary reading glasses for a long time. If you wear ordinary reading glasses for a long time which may strain your eyes, please take a break. 

Ordinary reading glasses are only suitable for seeing close objects, but not suitable for far distance. Wearing reading glasses for a long time can cause problems such as dizziness and eye strain. Before matching glasses, you should first go for an optometry, not blindly buy.

Progressive reading glasses can meet the needs of seeing things at far, middle and near distances. The appearance of this kind of reading glasses is also very good, which is not done by any lens except progressive lenses. These reading glasses can be worn for a long time.