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How to Choose the Suitable Sports Glasses in Summer?

How to Choose the Suitable Sports Glasses in Summer?

If you spend a long time playing sports outdoors in Summer, the reflected light or excessively strong UV rays can harm your eyes and cause a series of eye diseases. If you like outdoor sports and want to protect your eyes from direct light, or you don't want to always push your sunglasses with your hands, then it's time to consider changing to professional outdoor sports glasses.

The Factors to Consider when Choosing Sports Glasses in Summer

1. Structural strength

Sometimes larger rocks or insects may hit the eyeglasses. If the speed of the fall is high, it will cause some damage to your eyeglasses, then the strength is very important. Many broken eyeglasses are not recoverable.  So the bad quality of the eyeglasses rather than the stone caused more damage.

2.Wrapping property

The sun and wind are in all directions. If the coverage of the glasses is not good enough, there will be some dead spots. Therefore, a good coverage of glasses should be able to cover both sides, and from the cheeks to the eyebrows.


Although we want to block all external damage, if the glasses do not allow the heat inside to escape, it will produce fog. In this way, we will not be able to see well.


No matter how good the glasses are, it is useless if they will fall down often. So, the stability of the glasses on the face is also necessary.


For polarizablity, many people will be confused with the lens color, the two are actually not the same meaning. Light is like water waves, it is directional, polarized lens can filter the sunlight shining to the object after the reflection of the confusing clutter, such as the dazzling light that shines to the road after the reflection.


6.Lens color

For the lens color, it is advisable to mainly consider several aspects.  The first one is the brightness of the light.  The darker the color, the light becomes darker.  The second is the contrast.  Whether certain objects can be more visible, which is related to the choice of what color in different environments.  There is also related to the aesthetic and fashion sense.

How to Choose the Suitable Sports Glasses?

1. The right eyewear frame for you

The size of sports glasses is very important, you need to choose a pair of suitable sports eyeglasses according to the size of your head circumference, the width of your eyes and the length of the lenses feet. Try not to choose sports glasses that are more than 1cm larger than your head circumference.

The gap between the sides of the head and the frame is within 5mm, which is a more suitable size. Generally speaking, the stability of oversized glasses will be bad, it will affect the functionality of sports glasses.


2.Frame close to the face

The focus of sports glasses is to block the sunlight, so eyeglasses must be close to the face, so that you can try to avoid scattered light from the gap into the glasses. It is important to note that the top edge of the frame should be flush with the eyebrows, and the gap between the front, side or top edge, and the face should be as small as possible.

Some sports glasses have adjustable temples, which can grab the user's head and retain part of the gap to allow airflow through, thus taking away the lens fog.

3.Not slide slide down

The most important thing about sports glasses is stability, that is, they will not move or even slide off during exercise. In addition, sports glasses should not follow the jump when jumping. A good nosepiece of sports glasses should be able to grip the eyeglasses tightly with the nose.

FAQs about Sports Glasses

Can I wear sports glasses in daily life?

If you just want to use eyeglasses to see clearly in daily life, then there is no need to choose sports glasses. This is because sports glasses are glasses or sunglasses specifically designed for sports and other physical activities to further protect your eyes and safety. In addition, if your job requires you to perform some dangerous operations on a regular basis, then you may consider getting a pair of sports glasses.


Are there any differences between sports glasses and other common glasses?

Sports glasses are specifically designed for sports and athletics. However, they may not be as stylish as regular glasses or sunglasses, and they may be bulkier.