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The Trouble of People with Glasses: Red Marks On Nose Bridge

The Trouble of People with Glasses: Red Marks On Nose Bridge

Glasses on the bridge of the nose for a long time will press out two red marks, which will not only make people feel very uncomfortable, and will greatly affect the appearance of people. Wearers have been troubled by this problem.Wear eyeglasses for a long time, and then take off the glasses. At that moment, you may feel particularly awkward, because two slightly deep red marks on both sides of the bridge of the nose is particularly prominent. Besides, they can also make your nose bridge a little uncomfortable.

How are Red Marks Produced?

The biggest cause of red marks is that there are two plastic nose pads under the eyes at the bridge of the nose. They harden as they age, and if we don't find another one and replace them in time, red marks will occur regularly. In addition, it could be that the diopters of your myopia is too high and the lenses are too thick, resulting in heavy glasses that are pressed tightly against the sides of your nose.

Do Eyeglasses Crush the Bridge of the Nose?

You're thinking too much! Bones are not so easily crushed by tiny glasses! The nasal bridge is part of the craniofacial bone, which is set around the age of 20 and has a similar hardness to other bones in the body. For the bridge of the nose, although glasses have a certain weight, but can't go so far as to crush the bridge of the nose.

However, the nose pad of the glasses will cling to the nose and the legs of the glasses will pinch the face, then it will produce some red marks, which is very normal. It is advisable for you to choose ultra-lightweight eyewear frames such as TR90 glasses or Titanium glasses which make you experience uncomfortable nose pressure.

How to Choose Glasses that Fit your Face Better?

1.Length of the glasses’ legs 

Generally, the length of the mirror leg is between 135-150mm, which will be marked on the glasses’ legs. If the glasses’ legs are too short, the glasses will tightly tighten the ears, seriously affecting the comfort.

The proper leg length should be just right for your head, with the bend just above the ear.

2.Width of glasses frames

When trying on the eyewear frame, you should feel the tightness on both sides of the temple. Too much tightness will cause instability of the eyewear frame.

3. Nasal support fit your nose

Fixed nasal brackets have a large area and are not adjustable. Because it is not adjustable, choose carefully to make sure that the fixed nose pad fits the shape of the nose surface. The advantage of S-shaped nose holder is that it can be adjusted according to different people's face and nose shape, as well as lens type. If you can't tell your nose type, it is recommended to choose S-shaped nose holder.

But high nose bridge is best not to choose this kind of nasal support, because it will increase the pupillary distance, resulting in deformation and far blurred. It is advisable to choose adjustable nose pads.


How to Eliminate and Prevent Red Marks on your Nose Bridge?

1. Pad two small pieces of tissue or small sponge

Place two pieces of tissue or a small sponge on the side of your glasses that touches the bridge of your nose. This way, no matter how long you wear them, you won't get any marks. However, it may affect your appearance visually.


2. Choose lightweight materials for glasses

When we wear glasses, the reason why there will be red marks on the bridge of the nose, the main reason is that the glasses are too heavy. In order to avoid this embarrassment of red marks essentially, we can replace lightweight glasses,such as titanium or TR90 eyewear frames

3.Use silicone nasal brackets

When choosing glasses, you ought to prioritize the softer, more snug silicone nasal pad so the marks won't be as noticeable. If you do not want to replace your eyeglasses, you can also go to the glasses shop to ask a professional to adjust the glasses legs, glasses support and so on to their own position, to avoid the discomfort caused by heavy glasses on your bridge of the nose.

4. Massage the bridge of the nose frequently

You can massage the areas that are prone to red marks and around the eyes regularly. Massage will improve blood circulation to the eyes and reduce red marks on your nose bridge. When wearing glasses for work or study, you can gently push your glasses to the bridge of your nose every once in a while with your hand to avoid red marks caused by glasses sliding or glasses supporting in one place for a long time. When you rest, you should take off your glasses in time and massage the pressed parts with your hands to relieve and fade the red marks.