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How to Choose the Right Sunglasses for You?

How to Choose the Right Sunglasses for You?

The weather begins to heat up and the sun shines more and more brightly. When going out for outdoor sports, sunglasses become an essential part of your outfit. There are many factors to consider when choosing sunglasses, including a good function as well as a stylish appearance. As a fashion item, sunglasses can add a sense of fashion and better protect your eyes.

What Factors should be Taken into Consideration When Choosing Sunglasses?

1) The Length of Your Face

If your face is long and narrow, sunglasses frames with a higher height can be used. If it is too narrow and long, you should not use a pair of sunglasses with a big eyeglasses frame. And if your face is short and narrow, the height difference between the top and the bottom of the frame should not be too big. The lower rim of the sunglasses will block much of the length of the atrium. If you have a long, narrow atrium, a suitable sunglasses frame can be used to make it look shorter slightly. If you have a wide face and a short chin, a eyewear frame that is too high should not be used, as it will make your face shorter and wider, magnifying your weaknesses.

2) The Width of Your Face

If you have a wide face, it is recommended that you choose a slightly higher eyewear frame. Conversely, if you have a narrow face, you can choose a lower height. This is because low height eyeglasses make a wider face appear larger visually, whereas a glasses frame with high height is likely to make someone with a narrow face look unnatural.

3) Lateral Width of Sunglasses

Choose glasses that cover your temples but aren't too wide. This is because if the glasses cover the temples properly, they will help to correct the high temples and cheekbones, and they will not push up the hair on the sides, which will make the face look smaller visually. If glasses don't cover your temples well, they can make your face appear larger.

4) The Distance between the Nose Pads of the Sunglasses

The position of the nose pads should not be too low, and the distance between the nose pads should not be too long. If not, it shortens the length of your nose and makes it appear larger.

5) Direction of the Lower Edge of the Sunglasses

If the lower half of your face is pointed and small, rather than wide and round, the lower edge of your glasses should be angled inward. If the lower half of your face is wide, the lower edge of your eyewear should be angled outward to make your face appear smaller.

How to Choose Sunglasses that Suit My Face Shape?

1) Round Face

A person with a round face has rounded cheekbones and a chin, and the boundary between the two is not obvious. Round faces look better in square, angular sunglasses than small, round ones, which neutralize the line of the chin and create a more defined face. For people with round faces, oversized sunglasses make the face look smaller and more flattering. Do not buy sunglasses that are too small or too curved to fit your face which will only make your face appear larger.


2) Square Face

Compared to a round face, a square face is too angular. Generally, a square face has a forehead, cheekbones, and jawbone that are all about the same width, and the chin is not prominent. This is a very common face shape among individuals. People with square faces should not choose sunglasses that are too round or too square. If the sunglasses are boxy, it will make your face look even more square. Since people with square faces tend to have prominent jawbones, sunglasses with a square shape in a circle are ideal. Rounded aviator sunglasses are also the best way to soften hard lines and create a more harmonious look.


3) Long Face

Like square faces, people with long faces tend to have prominent cheekbones and sharp corners. Choosing sunglasses for long face people is actually quite simple. As long as the appropriate eyewear frame covers the face, the problem is solved. Round sunglasses undoubtedly are the best choice. When choosing sunglasses, it is advisable to pay attention to the size. They should not be too narrow or too small, and need to cover about one-third of the face, making the proportions of the face look more beautiful. Square sunglasses and small round sunglasses are likely to make long faces look strange.


4) Heart-shaped Face

People with heart-shaped faces have sharp jawlines and plump cheekbones. Small, round eyewear frames with a retro and vintage style are especially suitable for women with heart-shaped faces. Since heart-shaped faces are broad at the top and narrow at the bottom, sunglasses they choose does not need to be too wide. If the sunglasses are too wide, it is easy to elongate the line of the cheekbone, which can be particularly abrupt on your face. Small, delicate, round frames are a good choice, which can not only accentuate a pointed chin, but also convey a cool feeling.