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4 Tips For Driving At Night

We all understand that driving at dusk or night can be frustrating. It's not just unnecessary anxiety. The harsh glare of incoming vehicles, erroneously marked routes, and fading sunlight can make it challenging to take note of what's in front of you, which can impair your life and others on the road. Deadly accidents are three times more probable at night-time than in the daylight.


Different factors apart from reduced visibility, such as drunk driving or sleep deprivation, only add to this probability with a much larger likelihood of a fatal accident.


driving at night


Here Are A Few Helpful Tips for People Who Mostly Drive At Night


1. Clean Up Your View


Cleaning up your front view should be your #1 priority above all else. You may not notice it during the daytime, but cloudy or grimy windshields can spread or scatter rays from other vehicles or street lights and greatly raise glare impacts.


If your windshield is cracked or damaged in any other way, it can also cast a glare on oncoming cars, obscuring their view as well. So it's best to take your vehicle in for regular check-ups and cleaning sessions.


2. Angle and Manage Your Headlights Appropriately


It's important to make sure your headlights are facing in a proper, straight direction, particularly when driving in areas with dense woods on either side of you. You won't have a clear, direct vision if they are angled too low, and you may shine the light on oncoming drivers if it's too high.


If you notice an abnormality in the light's angle, avoid trying to shift it yourself. That's what mechanics are for!


3. Lower Your Dashboard Lighting 


Often, lights from your car's dashboard and instrument panel can divert your attention from the road. As the bright light can also be disorienting, many cars have built-in night mode features of options of dimming dashboard lighting. Be sure to check your car manual for any further instructions.


dimming dashboard lighting


4. Use Blue Block Pro Glasses


Sometimes, despite following all precautions, you still feel the stress of night driving. One main reason comes in the form of LED lights and neon lights. Vehicles are now fitted with high-powered LED headlights that radiate increased blue light charges, making driving at night incredibly challenging and especially dangerous for those with poor vision.


The high-intensity light can also be hurtful and detrimental to those with sensitive eyes. Moreover, considerable street lights have been substituted with bright LED ones, raising concerns about driving at night.


This is where blue block pro glasses come in. While normal blue light glasses reduce glare, our new blue block pro glasses go one step ahead and provide the added benefit of being scratch and water-resistant, keeping you safe, alert, stress-free, and with no tension of repeatedly rubbing your glasses when driving. You can say adios to constant eye-squinting and expect sharper night vision even with neon and LED lights.


Finally, we'd recommend getting an eye check-up for extra precaution if you still have trouble with night driving.


Use Blue Block Pro Glasses



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If you always wear glasses while driving, you may want to consider an anti-reflective coating.


A protective coating could be a good option if you are in a dusty or dirty environment.


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