Lagrange Rectangle - Blue


Frame: Full

Shape: Rectangle

Gender: Men

Material: Metal

PD: 47-72

Bifocal: No

Progressive: No


53mm 2.09in
17mm 0.67in
145mm 5.71in
133mm 5.24in
28mm 1.1in
Weight: 12.60g(0.44 oz)


Lagrange Rectangle eyeglasses are made from metal material, Blue, Pink, Red and Black colors can be chosen, but this frame only can be used in single vision lenses. TR material temples and adjustable noes pads ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Pamela N April 13, 2017

    The product itself is exactly what I'm looking in inexpensive reading glasses. They're relatively well-built and the optics are clear. That said, I have had one nose piece fall off. Also, they're not quite as easy to keep free of smudges as the $300 pair of myopia-correcting glasses I used to wear before my LASIK, usually requiring a quick wipe whenever I put them on. Those issues become moot, though, when you look at the price. These are, effectively, disposable glasses, costing less that a decent hamburger for each pair. Of my original trio that I bought several months back, I've lost one pair, had the nose piece issue on another, and keep using the last one. And I'm perfectly happy with that, since the initial outlay was so little. If I had paid $99 for a single "nice" pair of reading glasses, it'd likely have been lost or damaged already, too, and I'd be really annoyed. With these, who cares? All that said, I'm giving this 4 stars instead of 5 for one reason outside the product performance and value. I only just barely needed reading glasses (mag 1.00) and when I lost that one pair I went to buy another trio to have a good back-inventory, and found them out of stock. I kept the product page up in my browser, checking it every now and then to make sure I ordered them as soon as they were available. A few weeks later, they were so I placed my order and was happy to receive it a couple days later. Imagine my dismay when I opened the package and found all three were 1.25 mag. I've returned the order and am back to waiting for 1.00 mag to be available. EDIT: I ordered another set at 1.00 when they became available. On delivery, wouldn't you know that all three pairs were 1.75?!? Whoever's doing their fulfillment needs a swift kick.
  • Rick April 13, 2017

    ery nice magnifiers for the price, which as of today is about $3 each pair. The frames are much higher quality than others I've purchased in the past. I use these for reading and fine work, as opposed to prescription glasses, because magnifiers have a wider focal range and so they are much more useful in my opinion. I keep a pair of these just about everywhere I might need them: in my desk, on the nightstand, on the bathroom counter, in each car, in my wife's purse, in my shop, etc. I order another set of three of these about every 6 months or whenever I've managed to misplace a couple. I have yet to have one break. Highly recommended for those of us who refuse to get normal glasses.
  • Thomas Pierce April 12, 2017

    I really wanted to give these glasses five stars. Pros -They are very comfortable, and made well. The lenses are very clear. The colors are pretty, and match everything. They are a good value. (I have paid around fifteen dollars for similar at the drugstore) Cons- One of the glasses came with one of the lenses very loose, and has already fallen out once. I was able to pop it back in, but it will continue to keep coming out, because it just doesn't fit in tightly. I would but this brand again, because I'm sure that the loose lense is an exception, rather than the rule with this product. *Update... The lenses that was loose, did fall out and I can't get it to stay back in now. So that pair is, needless to say, useless. Two out of three isn't too bad I Had to lower my stars to three : (
  • Wren April 07, 2017

    I've recently started to wear reading glasses. Most of them in the stores and on line come in lots of strengths but only one width. I saw some of the reviews saying these were smaller and I ordered then not expecting much for the low price. However these are made as well as the Foster Grants I've bought and fit my face much better. I also like the fact that they are not so tall so they work great in the kitchen to both see the recipe and look over the top when pulling things out of the cabinet without having to take them off. Same thing when reading while the TV is on - I can keep them on and do both. So far they are holding up well. In fact, my dog (greyhound) grabbed one pair off the table just after they arrived and I found them in her bed. One lens had popped out but no other damage. I popped it back in and they are just fine. If you normally wear a narrower frame I highly recommend these.
  • Busy Mom April 06, 2017

    Pros - Attractive - Economical - Clear - Nice Hinge Cons - Distorted vision / eye fatigue This one con outweighs all the pros, in my opinion. These are not quality optics or aspheric lens. I was really surprised to read so many positive reviews on the quality and not about the distortion. I actually liked the magnification the first hour I wore them. The next day, I noticed more eye fatigue and blurriness in the periphery. When I took them off I could see a fuzzy circle of about 15mm in the center, in which magnification was the greatest. This might be fine if your cornea line up exactly with these circles AND you don't want to do a lot of focusing other than straight ahead. However, unless you read lines of text in a book by moving your entire head left to right, this is a recipe for eye fatigue.