Skyline - Black


Frame: Full Shape: Rectangle Gender: Women|Men Material: Plastic PD: 49-74 Bifocal: Yes Progressive: Yes Spring Hinge: Yes


55mm 2.17in
15mm 0.59in
140mm 5.51in
33mm 1.3in
135mm 5.31in
Weight: 17.00g(0.6 oz)


Another fantastic design especially for dedicated fashion lovers. These bold and beautiful medium width eyeglasses make a huge impact. They features spring hinges making them super comfortable to wear. and the plastic frame is robust and durable.

FP0052 FP0052-1

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  • Diane Stevens Color: Tortoise Size: M
    March 29, 2016
    I loved these these glasses for about 6 months and then the finish started peeling on them, the style was very pretty while they lasted.
  • Monica Navarro Color: Tortoise Size: M
    December 02, 2015
    I love, love LOVE these glasses. I have gotten so many compliments on them and they fit my face like a glove. I'm only a little bit sad that I've gone through 3 pairs of them now. The first broke (my fault) the second pair began bubbling and peeling within a few months of use (the tortoise shell wrap that was on them is what was peeling). I replaced them with a third pair and those lasted about a year before they began slowly bubbling and peeling. I was so disappointed to see that for awhile they weren't available - so I'm INCREDIBLY glad that they're back! I hope that this issue with the wrap peeling has been resolved!