Skyline - Tortoise


Frame: Full Shape: Rectangle Gender: Women|Men Material: Plastic PD: 49-74 Bifocal: Yes Progressive: Yes Spring Hinge: Yes


55mm 2.17in
15mm 0.59in
140mm 5.51in
33mm 1.3in
135mm 5.31in
Weight: 17.00g(0.6 oz)


Another fantastic design especially for dedicated fashion lovers. These bold and beautiful medium width eyeglasses make a huge impact. They features spring hinges making them super comfortable to wear. and the plastic frame is robust and durable.These gorgeous frames are the ones for you. With their tortoiseshell color. eye-catching details. They have everything you could want in a pair of frames. Would you like a try?

FP0053 FP0053-1


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  • Diane Stevens Color: Tortoise Size: M
    March 29, 2016
    I loved these these glasses for about 6 months and then the finish started peeling on them, the style was very pretty while they lasted.
  • Monica Navarro Color: Tortoise Size: M
    December 02, 2015
    I love, love LOVE these glasses. I have gotten so many compliments on them and they fit my face like a glove. I'm only a little bit sad that I've gone through 3 pairs of them now. The first broke (my fault) the second pair began bubbling and peeling within a few months of use (the tortoise shell wrap that was on them is what was peeling). I replaced them with a third pair and those lasted about a year before they began slowly bubbling and peeling. I was so disappointed to see that for awhile they weren't available - so I'm INCREDIBLY glad that they're back! I hope that this issue with the wrap peeling has been resolved!