Oneida Rectangle Clip-on - Tortoise(Yellow-green Mirror-coating)


Frame: Full Shape: Rectangle Gender: Women|Men Material: TR PD: 49-74 Bifocal: Yes Progressive: Yes


54mm 2.13in
17mm 0.67in
141mm 5.55in
36mm 1.42in
150mm 5.91in
Weight: 10.00g(0.35 oz)


Oneida Rectangle Clip-on eyeglasses are made from flexible and comfortable TR material. Having a pair of clip-on eyeglasses, you can use them as prescription sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses simultaneously. With polarized magnetic clip-on, this frame combines the stylish yellow mirror-coated magnetic clip-on and comfortable TR material frame together. These eyeglasses are the season’s hottest item, beloved by both men and women.
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  • Hannah Verster Color: Black Size: L
    September 28, 2017
    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!! Quick arrival, fit perfectly, lightweight, super cute, and they don't slip off my face!
  • lsia Nguyen Color: Black Size: L
    September 28, 2017
    AMAZING! quite big on my face but still perfect!